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Stationary fluidzed bed drying system


Stationary fluidzed bed cooling system

Daesung stationary fluidzed bed drying system is a most efficient equipment for drying and cooling of crystals, granules powders.
The benefit is as below.

● High conductivity
● Enable to handling large capacity compared with short retention time
● Easy to maintenance
● Uniformed dry and cooling efficiency.

Daesung FBD Series enable to apply continuos type and batch type,and use hot wind,mixed gas,solvent vapours.
It operations pilot test for making most suitable fluidize bed.

Continuous Drying & Uniformed Dry Efficiency
It can be applied to continuative process by continuous the raw material supply and quantitative discharge using vibration conveying.
And it makes fluidized bed layers by supplying hot air and cold air from the low part of perforated plate. By forming proper fluidized layers, it is possible to keep uniform and high drying efficiency.
Economic Equipment
All necessary process steps can be combined for an optimum result. The final product is generated directly from pastes, In case of already existing general stationary fluidized bed dryer, transportation air should be supplied additionally besides drying air needed for dry, because it has to be designed to carry the products by hot air.
Therefore more air should be supplied than actually needed air.
Because of additional un-exchanged hot air due to above reason, exhausted air temperature rises high.
The amount of exhausted air is pretty bigger, so the final applications such as dust collector and induced draft fan comes bigger more than needed.
In vibrating mode, the products can be conveyed using the power of vibration. In this way, it is possible to supply
only needed amount of drying air and minimize capacity of the final application more than 60%, which gains great efficiency.

Below are listed some materials which have been Experience table successfully processed in our fluid beds