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Mixer - V-Mixer, Turdulent Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, Gravity Mixer


Mixer - V-Mixer, Turdulent Mixer, Ribbon Mixer, Gravity Mixer

Air Classifying Mill

This pulverizer has a classifier in the grinding chamber so it can freely adjust the particle size.
It is widely used for chemicals, powder coatings, foods, nonferrous metals, and others.
It is easy to clean and is suitable for multi-product production


Pin Mill

Known as general-purpose mill, Pin Mill has a structure that many pins are built on the
rotating disk and the fixed disk. It is widely used for not only crushing, but also fine-grinding. In addition, it is applicable to various types of materials so its application in powder
processing is very wide.


Hammer Mill & Atomizer Mill

The mill has a number of hammers attached on the rotating rotor, and in its inner casing
the mill is fitted with an irregularly shaped liner. Source materials are fed into the crushing chamber on
a quantity basis by using a natural fall or a screw feeder.
At the moment the materials are milled by striking first against the rotating hammers
and then against the liner.

If they are milled to the targeted size, then the mill discharges particles through the screen.
If there are any larger-size particles that have failed to move through the screen, they go through the milling processes again.
The system is very convenient to use as the particle size can be easily controlled by
adjusting the rotational speed of the rotor, making a change in the number of hammers,
and/or replacing the screen.

According to whether a screw feeder is set up, the machine is divided into two types:
hammer mill(with no screw feeder) and atomizer mill (with a screw feeder)


Roller Mill

Once source materials are fed into between two rotating rollers, they are milled into needed
suitable-sized particles by the roller gap and the processing groove.
When you need to get uniform-sized particles or minimize the generation of powder particles,
the roller mill will provide you with the best solution.


Fitz Mill

Fitz Mill that is extensively used for milling millet seeds has simple structure.
It is simple to operate and easy to change milling particles.

The rotating rotor has many numbers of milling blade in the shape of knife.
Unlike the hammer mill, shear force works more than shock power so it can mill a material
into a particle suitable for the processing while suppressing the creation of minute powder.

On the lower part of the milling blade, there is a screen of punched plate type so by changing
the hole size of the screen and the rotating speed of the blade, the milling particle can be changed


Mixing is one of the important procedures in ingredient process. However, people usually ignore or even never consider of it, so, in most cases, workers pay less attention to the mixer. If the ingredients were not well mixed, the important direction and quality control system would not receive the expected result.
Advantages of the double-shaft paddle mixer are fast, uniform, and comparing with the ordinary mixer, it is less area and electric consumption.


Turdulent Mixer

Ribbon Mixer

Gravity Mixer