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Pin Mill

pin mill
Known as general-purpose mill, Pin Mill has a structure that many pins are built on the rotating disk
and the fixed disk. It is widely used for not only crushing, but also fine-grinding. In addition,
it is applicable to various types of materials so its application in powder processing is very wide
Grinding principle

● A material to be grinded is put into the inlet located at the center of the Pin Mill through feeders
   such as vibrating feeder and screw feeder

● The input material is rapidly dispersed in the direction of circumference by the rotary power of
   the Rotor that is rotating at high speed

● At this time, it passes through between the fixed pins and the rotating pins that are arranged in several rows.
   Through powerful shocking and shredding, it is continuously powdered

● The material, by the centrifugal force and the wind velocity, is passed through the screen installed
   out of the rim of the rotating pin

● The material that is not powdered yet, can't pass through the screen, and instead,
   it is repeatedly grinded until it reaches a particular size

● The passing material is discharged out through the outlet installed at the bottom of the machine


● It is widely applied to chemical materials, medicines, minerals, foods, fertilizers, forages, etc

● By change of the screen, it can be used for both crushing and powdering

● It is possible to get a particular size. In case the Inverter is employed, it is possible to adjust the particle
   size by controlling the rotating speed of the Rotor

● Pin Mill is often used as pulverizer of materials

● It can be used for materials with high hardness and elasticity, depending on the
   type of rotating and fixedpins

● It is available for 5HP ~ 150HP

Application of Pin Mill

The material that is primarily grinded by the Hammer Mill, is distributed by the first Twist Screen.
The particles which should be secondarily grinded are put into the Pin Mill and then,
grinded up to appropriate particle sizes. The finally grinded are distributed by the second Twist Screen