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Hammer Mill & Atomizer Mill

Hammer Mill & Atomizer Mill

The mill has a number of hammers attached on the rotating rotor, and in its inner casing
the mill is fitted with an irregularly shaped liner. Source materials are fed into the crushing chamber on
a quantity basis by using a natural fall or a screw feeder.
At the moment the materials are milled by striking first against the rotating hammers and then against the liner.

If they are milled to the targeted size, then the mill discharges particles through the screen.
If there are any larger-size particles that have failed to move through the screen, they go through
the milling processes again.
The system is very convenient to use as the particle size can be easily controlled by adjusting
the rotational speed of the rotor, making a change in the number of hammers, and/or replacing the screen.

According to whether a screw feeder is set up, the machine is divided into two types: hammer mill
(with no screw feeder) and atomizer mill (with a screw feeder)


Since shearing force, impact force, and rubbing force work on materials at the same time
as a combined milling force, the machine provides the following features:

● It is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean so that it is made suitable for multi-kind
   and small-quantity production

● The elaborate arrangement of its parts ensures more uniform size and higher durability

● It comes in a wide variety of models to meet a wide range of applications,
   from research or experimental purposes to industrial uses

● It is well suited to the production of fine powder and allows automatic operation
   when connected with a vibrating screen

High-Capacity Hammer Crusher

This crusher model is mainly used before a fine-crushing process, or for coarse crushing of
large particles to smaller ones than a certain size before the final process of pulverizing them to finer particle