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Roller Mill

Roller Mill
Roller Mill
Once source materials are fed into between two rotating rollers, they are milled into needed
suitable-sized particles by the roller gap and the processing groove.
When you need to get uniform-sized particles or minimize the generation of powder particles,
the roller mill will provide you with the best solution


Mounted on the feed inlet, the spreading device guarantees the roller mill to get the spreading of
materials as a requirement for milling. (Optional)

● It is very easy to adjust gaps between rollers and convenient to control the size of particles

● Easy assembling/disassembling helps you to keep the machine clean

● Roller grooves have different shapes suitable to product properties

Feeding & Division part
Roll Gap Regulation part


This model is designed to create a smaller roller gap at each stage of moving from the top downward.
This allows the model to process a large amount of particles in desired final size,
eliminating potential problems caused by momentary load