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Ultrasonic sieving

The most effective sieving system with Ultrasonic-supported
Ultrasonic-supported sieving system is now the most effective solution

Currently sieving system users want the machine that screen blinding and clogging dont occur on
the sieve mesh with highest seperating speed. Former sieving technlolgy have developed by
vibration / unduration machanics and these movment machanics have known that control the efficiency
ofremoving foreign materiats, putting in particle, seperation materials.
In addition to the conventional method, Daesung Ultrasonic supported sieving technology evenly transmits an
oscillation motion, in the micron range, onto the screen surface
Ultrasonic supported sieving system applied for separation of micron range

Solution of sieving screen blinding and clogging-A significant increase in throughput volume is possible to
under 100㎛ of screen

1. Generator : The high frequency 36kHz electical.
2. HF Connection : Flexible cable connects the ultrasonic sieve resonator to the generator.
3. Plug : Waterproof screw drive type plug.
4. Converter : The high frequency electical oscillation convert into ultrasonic wave by converter.
5. Flexural wave motions are transmitted into the preturned bar resonator and spread evenly to the sieve
mech surface.
6. Frame : Realization of measuring with using the frame.
7. Screen Net : Applied 40mesh~635mesh.


Consideerable decrease of sieving screen blinding and clogging
A significant increase in throughput volume is possible to under 100㎛ of screen

There is no need TAPPING BALL
Former used TAPPING BALL for prevention screen blinding is unnecessary but prevent to
mixing of foreign material by wearing of TAPPING BALL.

Sample to disassembly and cleaning
This system is excellent for sanitary and being separated Ultrasonic cartrige mesh and conveter,
simple to disassembly and cleaning of machine